Our Mission

We exist to uplift Latino families in East Palo Alto and the mid-peninsula through community education, leadership development, and advocacy.

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"Nuestra Casa is where my family goes to understand how we can advocate for ourselves."

— Marta Chavez, Holiday Posada Volunteer


At an organizational level, Nuestra Casa has adopted three key, over-arching outcomes that our work must bring about to realize our mission. These are the results that we are committed to producing, that we have reason to believe are within our sphere of influence, and that we will hold ourselves accountable to achieving:

#1: Public policy as well as local and regional planning decisions in East Palo Alto and the Mid-peninsula benefit Latino families’ well-being.

#2 Latino parents engage in their children’s education. In turn, Latino children succeed in pursuing higher education and/or vocational training.

#3 Latino families successfully navigate service systems and access supports that advance their well-being and self-sufficiency.